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Orange Graduate Programme

Applications for the 2014 edition are closed now.

Why choose the Orange Graduate Programme?

The Orange Graduate Programme is an exciting adventure into the heart of the digital world, offering an experience that is both professional and human.

Orange Graduate Programme
It is a challenging programme aimed at Masters-level graduates from business or engineering disciplines who, upon starting their position, have less than 18 months' work experience gained in France or abroad. Experience of longer than 18 months gained through training and apprenticeships is also welcomed. You are bilingual in French and English and are interested in the digital world and how it changes the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.
Bruno Mettling
The Orange Graduate Programme explained by Bruno Mettling, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Group Human Resources.

our 3-year programme

You are prepared to dedicate your energy and talent to the service of our clients to make their digital lives easier, during your time in our 3-year programme:

A professional three-year training programme:
At Orange, everything starts with the customer; so does your career
  • you will start by taking on a position at the very heart of our business activity
  • and for the two years following, you may choose an international experience
Supervising your professional experience for a further two years will give your career a welcome boost.
Orange is committed to helping you to develop your potential through a programme centred on the skills and behaviour expected of a future Group executive.

Individualised and structured development over three years.
Interviews for integration, career prospects and programme round-up

  • sponsoring and mentoring
  • development resources

Local managers and trainers are available to you to speed up your development.

A collective approach helping you to discover Orange and its management culture.

  • collective groups involving graduates from all levels of the programme
  • meetings with company executives who are sponsors of the programme
  • development workshops (integration and prospects)
  • Orange Campus training, our manager training campus
  • The Fresh Think Tank that is sponsored by a member of the Executive Committee

We help you take an active role in your career development.

  • career interviews
  • business forums
  • job swaps
  • internal social networks

Supervision of your career development for two years after the programme.

  • round-ups and reviews
  • involvement in the Orange Graduates activities and network


Would you like to join us?

Future Orange Graduates are recruited via a selection process in several stages:
  • apply online from 2nd December, 2013 - 2nd Feburary, 2014
  • send in your CV and cover letter
  • take the online reasoning test
  • telephone interview
  • invitations sent in early March to visit the assessment centre on 1 Apr 2014
  • at the end of the selection process, join the programme on 1 Oct 2014 with your first experience in customer relations for a one-year period in France (on a permanent contract) or abroad (international company volunteering, VIE).

What is the assessment day?

You will meet managers who will talk about their lines of business, you will discover Orange innovations, and you will be assessed on your potential. The assessment day will conclude with a presentation from an Orange executive.

Possible positions on offer

as part of the Orange Graduate Programme:

1st experience
  • shop manager in France (outside Paris)
  • sales team manager
  • digital customer relations manager
  • junior business developer
  • fibre optics coordination and deployment manager
2nd experience
  • account Manager (BtoB)
  • Technical-sales engineer
  • operational management auditor
  • purchaser
  • consultant (IT, marketing, networks)
  • product leader for digital and mobile marketing
Daniel, Orange Graduate 2008.
Vlad, Orange Graduate 2012.
Alban, social media marketing director