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training and career development

developing our skills


One of Orange's stated commitments in our Orange people charter is to help our employees around the world to develop their skills in order to offer a diverse range of career paths throughout the digital world.

diversity of our training programmes

Our range of training programmes is being continually developed so that our people in all areas can benefit from support in their career development:

  • business-line training with 37 schools around the world
  • managerial training with 4 Orange Campuses in Paris, Warsaw, Madrid and Dakar
  • cross-business training in various fields such as languages, office software, project management, corporate social responsibility and inter-cultural awareness.

varied and motivating career paths

Our Group invests extensively in career development support throughout the world.
In France, a one-stop scheme has been developed to give all employees a clear view of their professional development possibilities and the training available to support them in their career paths. Long sandwich courses are available to help employees change jobs or acquire new skills, if they wish. Orange is also developing an active certification policy for all its people worldwide. These certification programmes are implemented in partnership with leading schools, universities and training organisations.

anticipating tomorrow’s needs

Orange anticipates the skills that the Group will need in the future and offers training to support this skill development. Orange also develops innovative, remote training methods such as e-learning, serious games, mobile learning or micro learning, as well as virtual classrooms.

key figures

  • 30  hours a year of training per employee around the world
  • 6.4 % of the payroll devoted to training in France
  • 143,000 employees trained in 2013

Orange Professional Network School in Warsaw


Discover the diversity of our training programmes with this testimonial from Pavel, a network expert at Orange Polska.
" I come from a technical background and I think we need to share our knowledge with others"
Pawel, a network expert who has worked for Orange Polska for 11 years.

The Professional Network School trains the best experts in the field of networks.
The 2-year program is divided into five courses that run for four months each. The aim is to ensure the performance and continuity of the key positions of network experts and services platforms. The course concludes with a exam before a panel and internal certification.


managerial training


magerial training course on "how to develop the skills within my teams," at the Orange Campus in Paris

"We do a lot of practical exercises, and we feel comfortable about experimenting."
"What I like best is meeting people from different counties and backgrounds, and different lines of business."

Guénaëlle, a client services manager who has been working for Orange Business Services in France for the past 19 years.

The Orange Campus, together with the various countries, has designed a set of programs intended for the 20,000 managers of Orange to develop their skills and share a common managerial culture. Three types of courses are being deployed in 25 countries: essential career path programmes to support managers taking on new responsibilities; group challenges to mobilise and develop a team; individual development modules for the personal development of managers.

digital coach training in Paris


"Training to be a digital coach will allow me to be myself, to advise my client, provide them with support, and show them more empathy"
Natasha, a customer advisor who has worked for Orange France for the past 2 years.

Orange has set up an original training service which addresses the needs of individual sales advisors, called ‘digital coach' training.
Based on a self-diagnosis of the sales advisor's knowledge of the service and demonstrations, the trainer will travel to the Orange outlet to impart additional knowledge. A day of training and situational exercises will be offered for the entire outlet.

training at the marketing school in Madrid


"By looking at things from outside the work context, I was able to take a step back and be more open minded"
Javier, a roaming product manager, who has worked for Orange Spain for the past 13 years.

The Orange marketing school in Madrid offers a 150-hour sandwich course in marketing spread over 2 years. Applicants are chosen based on their performance, their potential and their commitment. The training covers strategic and operational marketing, digital marketing, marketing intelligence, communications and sales.
The course is run in partnership with ESIC, a marketing school in Madrid, and is finalised with a team project run in association with the tutors over a six-month period.

developing our cloud skills in Delhi

"As we all know that in the future IT is moving towards cloud, and that it's an upcoming technology, and we are heading towards it. These trainings have really helped to be well equiped in the IT."
Pooja, customer service and operations manager who has been with Orange Business Services India for 5 years.

Orange has launched the cloud academy, a cooperative online service dedicated to cloud computing that centralises all the information on this emerging activity. The purpose of the academy is to help business managers, experts, and novices to reinforce their cloud knowledge and skills. In India, a pilot course at the Major Service Center (MSC) has been set up involving 30 network specialist employees, providing them with IT systems skills in support of our cloud services.