Technical Design Authority

ref : 554618 | 30 août 2019

date limite de candidature : 28 nov. 2019

Moka Road, Rose Hill, Mauritius - Ile Maurice

votre rôle

To provide architecture designs and costing for new customer bids,

Occasionally, to participate to customer meetings in pre-sales phase (qualification, presentation,  ..),

To apply and maintain up-to-date technical solutions built by Engineering teams,

To propose and to describe appropriate delivery model,

To propose and to describe appropriate support model,

To be the SPOC for sales teams, and concentrate technical items (components and service descriptions) for CSO /ESC organization,

To find and to propose external partners if required,

To maintain communication between Sales teams and CSO/ESC organization (new bids, trends, business pipe,…),

To provide regular reports concerning bids scope and status.

votre profil

Willingness to deal with the entire Pre-Sales life cycle: from RFP, presentations, pre-sale meetings,

Acquaintance with Telcos operators and with their buying processes/sales cycles,

Good knowledge of ITIL standard and support model,

Strong knowledge of Video and Telephony solutions delivered in OBS portfolio,

Prior knowledge of Collaborative and social network market is a significant plus,

Strong technical background, to the level of a good product manager,

Technical skills to the level of performing simple installations and software setups,

Ability to manage ad-hoc team efforts,

Ability to to evaluate risks for operations,

Experience in preparing clear, understandable quotations that reflect complex technical elements,

Experience in delivering clear and understandable written elements to Sales teams in order to build final proposal,

Fluent French & English,

Strong interpersonal skills,

Excellent communication skills and ability to present and to educate customers.


le plus de l'offre

Outside CSO/ESC, Pre Sales Support team will develop relationship with:

UCC BU and Orange affiliates (OCB, OCWS, ...) to design and to cost bids solutions.

Inside CSO, Pre Sales Support team will work with:

SDC, F-SD (FBO) and I-SD (IBO) to synchronize global bids solutions.

Inside ESC, Pre Sales Support will work with:

Engineering to allocate dedicated skills and resources for new bids,

Operational teams to anticipate run workload and future customers requirements,

Service transition teams to anticipate build workload.


Customer Services & Operations

Orange Business Services manages and integrates the complexity of international communications, freeing our customers to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive their business.  Our extensive experience and knowledge in global communication solutions, together with our understanding of multinational business and local support in 166 countries and territories, ensure that our customers receive a consistent, global solution wherever they do business.



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