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In 2016, Orange makes a promise : to be a digital and caring employer, and sets-out a new foundation for the relationship between Orange and our employees. It is a fundamental component of the Essentiels2020 strategic plan.

Through this promise, Orange is reaffirming that social quality is a key driver for economic performance and, for the first time, goes further by offering an initiative common to the entire Group. It takes into account the rapid development of digital uses and sets-out a series of commitments towards its employees that are symmetrical with the contributions expected of each person in their work as part of a collective workforce. It upholds a clear goal: to offer employees a unique experience, equal to the one we wish to give our customers.

The Orange promise approach

The ambition of Essentiels2020 is to build an unmatched customer experience. This requires the ability to listen to our customers and to act accordingly. The men and women of Orange are the main actors of this ambition. That is why Orange commits to each of its employees with a single, simple and strong promise for all, regardless of entity: a promise to be a digital and caring employer. This promise was built together with more than 1000 employees across the Group.

It is a promise which aims to build a digital, caring and unique employee experience:

  • Digital: in a quickly evolving digital world, digital uses offer an incredible opportunity to simplify the employee relationship, just as Orange wishes to simplify the customer relationship, by transforming ways of working towards more autonomy and collaboration.
  • Caring: Caring for people is the foundation of Orange’s plan. For Orange, being a caring employer means being close to employees, taking care of each one to ensure their quality of life at work and allowing them to take the driving seat in their own development.
  • Unique: Orange takes into consideration the situation and background of each employee and turns diversity into a driver for progress and collective intelligence.

Three priorities have been defined to fulfil our promise as a digital and caring employer:

Tangible actions

The digital and caring employer promise will be translated into tangible actions that will embody it in each of the Group’s countries. In France, for example, the 2020 social contract will build on the foundation of the 2010 contract, with special focus on digital ways of working and the role of each person in the company. Orange also reaffirms the importance of dialogue with employee representatives in order to create favourable conditions for implementation.

Jérôme Barré, Orange Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources

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Men and women are the face and the voice of Orange in support of our goal of building an unmatched customer experience. For them, we want to build a unique employee experience.