Event: table football tournament

Table, table, table football!

The tournament will take place from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd April, at 3 pm in the Orange "Seabercafé".

Put together a team of 2 players and play the 3 pool matches to try to reach the semi-finals and the final. Enter on the same day before 2:30 pm by contacting either Fabrice or Maddy.
In the interests of fairness, we will accept only one entry per team during the week.

Prizes: A sports related prize for each player in the winning team in the final.
Orange Bonus Battle
10 points per pool match won
40 points for the two winning teams in the semi-finals
70 points for the team that wins the match for 3rd place
100 points for the team that wins the match for 2nd place
200 points for the team that wins the final

Due to the Orange Port Escale, on Tuesday 19th April there will be no accumulation of points.
Free table football throughout the EDHEC Sailing Cup!