Sélima, financial controller


As a central financial controller, I collect and analyse data from all the entities in France to produce an overall summary for Group management.
My job is to provide an interface for the management and coordination of the financial reporting process. I therefore have a global vision of the business of Orange France. I make proposals for improving the processes taking into account the economic and competitive context.
The qualities needed are a head for figures, self-discipline and a good knowledge of the telecoms industry. As well as relationship skills and the empathy to be able to adapt to a large number of contacts and understand their difficulties.
This job gives me a number of possible career paths; I could choose to move into a more operational management controller position (within a Group entity) or into other financial, marketing or sales functions.

financial controller

You contribute to the Group's performance in France and abroad by supporting managers in the decision making process and by analysing and gathering the financial data they need.

your job

As a management controller you ensure that the agreed financial and operational objectives are achieved and you contribute to improving the Group's financial and operational performance.
By analysing financial data you are expected to produce proposals for the operational management to ensure the optimal allocation of Group resources.

your profile

You have a degree from a business school or a university degree with a major in finance.