How do I find a job or an internship ?

From the orange.jobs home page, you have two options:

  • To view all Orange job vacancies, simply click on ‘job offers' or ‘search offers' from the menu or click on ‘the number of jobs worldwide' on the map.
  • You can also click on any of the five continents to view the vacancies directly.
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To search for a position vacant, you can refine your search according to three criteria:

  • The country: you can add as many countries as you wish.
  • The category : specify the category(ies) of positions you are interested in.
  • The type of contract: choose the type(s) of contract you are looking for.

 You can also perform a key-word search.


To remove a criterion from your search, simply return to top of the list of jobs and click on the criterion you wish to remove.

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