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"We are still far away from having explored all the opportunities and challenges that Big Data and IA offer us. It's really the right time to work on these exciting topics and Orange is definitely the place to be."

Maroua, Big Data and IA research engineer

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"Supporting Orange countries is very rewarding. I feel that I have a genuine impact on the way networks will be rolled out in the future."

Jean-Christophe, network architect

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"As Country Manager for Orange Poland, I am primarily responsible for the relationship between Corporate and Orange Poland. At the Home Services Department I am also responsible for all the services we offer to our customers."

Leïla, Project Manager

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"At the end of the day, for us the success, is to have located, repaired and finally returned service to our customers. That is my greatest satisfaction."

Philippe, network technician

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Since 2014 Orange is certified GEEIS (Gender Equality for European and International Standard)