Stéphanie, design and development engineer

I design and develop internet sites with rich, dynamic and ergonomic interfaces. I work with marketing to reduce the development lead times for services. Our constant preoccupation is to be as close as possible to
the customer. I enjoy the job, because we are always looking for new technological solutions, meaning that there is no such thing as a routine!
I also like the variety involved; I get to be involved in development, design and architecture, which means I have to be organised.
Orange is really at the leading edge of the industry and this is particularly obvious in IT. Another advantage is that the potential career paths are many and varied; it's possible, for example to move from IT and go into marketing.

design and development engineer

As part of an information system project team you are in charge of designing and developing the different software components in one of the following areas; customer relations, internet portals, loyalty programmes, orders /deliveries, billing, after sales service and network supervision.

your job

You analyse and formalize user needs.
You take charge of detailed design and development work and the planning and execution of unit tests and you contribute to functional user tests.
You are responsible for the quality, reliability performance and ergonomics of the components delivered.

your profile

You are an engineer or you have a university degree. You have excellent relationship skills and you have to be a team player to be able to contribute to our various projects.