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Our everyday life is all about innovation. In the way we communicate, talk, play and interact during our daily routine with our family and friends. In both our personal and professional lives. Innovation is the driver for the digital revolution that changes how we live. Innovation is what drives Orange.

Orange’s innovations are the result of permanent bonds and exchanges between the Group’s collaborators. The research and innovation teams are a vast community with very diverse backgrounds: researchers, engineers, designers, developers, data scientists, sociologists, graphic designers, marketers, or even security experts. What they all have in common is that they are doing the work of the future to provide our more than 250 million customers worldwide with an unique experience.

Innovation also means working in an open environment. It is this openness towards partners, customers, and start-ups, which will enable Orange to provide its customers with the innovations that they are looking for: simple, intuitive, and useful.

The fundamental principles behind our name



This lies at the heart of our Group strategy. It’s in our DNA. It is what unites us. It is one of the keys to our future growth and our competitive edge. It is up to all of us in IMT to breathe life into it!

Launching services that are simple to use, reliable and offer genuine benefit to all our customers in their day-to-day lives is one of our challenges.

All our innovations and all our products and services are reliant on our technical infrastructure, our networks, our servers, and our software. Without this wealth of technology, nothing would be possible.

One vision : Human Inside

In just a few years, our digital usage has undergone a huge evolution. Our data access needs have exploded, and our lives have been profoundly changed. And not only our personal lives: the digital revolution created new opportunities, new professions, new ways to work in teams, and fascinating paths.

Moving forward, we need to respond to fundamental questions: in which direction do we want to take our efforts? What vision do we intend to bring to society? What are our resulting commitments?

Our Priorities for 2016

For 2016, the following are our priority areas:

  • Mobile financial services
  • Internet of things
  • Mobile communication services
  • TV, box, and content
  • Networks
  • Big Data
  • eSIM

Our leverage for success: open innovation and research.



Orange Gardens: an Eco campus devoted completely to research and innovation

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