Sabine, product manager


I am a product manager for roaming and international. With mobiles changing so quickly and the arrival of smart phones and tablets, it is essential to develop mobile offers that are innovative and meet customers' needs.
I work with multi-disciplinary teams (marketing, communications, the technical department, finance) all through the offer development process: from the feasibility study to the business plan.
After the launch I track sales and monitor customer feedback. In addition to open-mindedness and creativity, doing this job takes discipline and responsiveness to be able to anticipate customer needs and trends in the market.
I would like to continue my career in sales in one of our subsidiaries in Africa or the Middle East, because there is a lot of potential for new offers in those countries.

product manager

As a Product Manager you might work in France or abroad to develop easy-to-use products for our customers in line with Group strategy.

your job

You develop products and services to meet customer needs based on analysis of the market and depending on technological advances.
You manage the life cycle of these products and services. You might, for example, be asked to develop offers for smart phones. You build up a real relationship with your internal partners based on teamwork: R&D, network services, sales and support services (finance, purchasing, communications) to produce innovative offers.

your profile

With a degree in business and / or engineering you have a good knowledge of the telecommunications industry and multi-media or a distinct aptitude for these areas.