200 future engineers from Télécom SudParis at the heart of Orange innovation

19 Jun 2018
Gardens médiathèque - article

On 6 June, 200 first-year engineering students from Télécom SudParis took over the exhibition area of Orange Gardens, our innovation eco-campus, for the 14th climax of the annual “Open the GATE” programme.

With this Gestion et Apprentissage du Travail en Equipe programme (GATE, i.e. Teamwork Management and Learning), the prestigious school for versatile engineers applies an innovative teaching method by asking students to take part in projects in a variety of fields that foster the development of multidisciplinary skills other than scientific and technical.

200 participants in 27 projects

The budding engineers presented their 27 educational projects, the culmination of a year of teamwork, at their stands at the Orange Gardens. Each project addressed one of five themes: the campus, citizenship, science and technology, philanthropy or the school’s promotion.

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Business and technological challenges

Orange wants to stay close to the academic world so students understand better the business and technological challenges we face. These encounters with students are also an opportunity for Orange to identify new skills.

Ludovic Lévy, Director of Strategy and Data Governance at Orange and sponsor of Télécom SudParis's class of 2015-2018, oversaw the organisation of this day at the Orange Gardens.
Ludovic brought together a jury of 14 Orange employees and representatives of other companies. The awards were presented by Luc Bretones, Executive Vice President in charge of the Technocentre and Orange Fab, Elisabeth Belois-Fonteix, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Orange Technology and Global Innovation Division, and Gilles Camoin, General Manager, Devoteam, sponsor of of Télécom SudParis's class of 2018-2021.