Digital transformation creates new professions

03 May 2018

Our societies’ digital transformation continues day after day. And this transformation itself is evolving, moving now towards a narrative centred on data mining. Indeed, data contributes to the rapid transformation of all sectors of the economy: energy, health, transport, finance, insurance... 

Data at the heart of companies' ambitions

It is now possible to leverage the value of data in many areas: predictive maintenance for machines; remote optimisation and control of vehicles; remote real-time monitoring of isolated or vulnerable people; personalised multi-channel customer journeys, smart cities and much more...

A whole new field is opening up. And like any change, it implies the emergence of new professions.

It is true that the “data science” sector requires more specialised human skills than others. Even supported by highly sophisticated technical systems, the human eye and expertise are indispensable for any successful data project.

This job market is already under considerable pressure – and companies fight over experts in the field. Like in cyber defence, we expect explosive growth in demand in the years to come.

Orange Business Services takes data for a (safe & useful) ride

The entire Group, and especially us – Orange Business Services – its B2B branch, is very involved in this area. It’s one of our main objectives: to be our customers’ trusted partner and orchestrate the entire value chain of their data, enabling them to create even more value for their businesses.
Moreover, we illustrate this commitment through a simple vision that we call “The data journey”.

To become valuable, raw data must first go through a whole process that starts with its collection. It then must be transported – protecting it all the way, because data is precious. Then it needs to be stored and processed and finally analysed to deliver to our customers what they need to create and share. Create value for their companies, but also share it with their own customers to better serve them and their employees to enable them to be more creative and efficient.

Article B&D

Brainpower for business

At Orange Business Services, 21,000 employees work alongside 1,200 Orange cyberdefence experts and R&D specialists every day to support our customers’ projects from start to finish.
The rapid development of projects focused on data mining and increased requirements in terms of cyber-security increase the need for new expertise. These emerging professions include:

  • Data analyst: an expert who makes data meaningful. This specialist in statistics and data collection, exploration and storage tools is emblematic of these recent professions that have rapidly become an essential part of digital transformation.

  • Security engineer: with the proliferation of digital applications, the probability of discovering security vulnerabilities at the company level is increasing. The security engineer or "Pentester" at Orange Cyberdefense puts himself every day in the shoes of an attacker to help his customers design their cyber defence strategies and protect their assets.

  • Engineers designers of connected objects, experts in deep learning and machine learning: all these specialists play essential roles, with the multiplication of AI usage cases...

At Orange Business Services, we encourage internal mobility through training. We also aim to recruit new talent with key skills in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Governance. We are also proactive, aware of both existing and future needs. In 2016, for example, we participated in the creation of the Cyberdefense Academy at the Lesquin university campus. Other projects are underway.