E-talent: the connected home is on the program for Season 2

04 Aug 2016
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Europe and digitalization are two key elements of E-talent, our program designed to offer the most motivated employees in Europe the chance to develop an innovative project. This year, 10 talented people have been invited to address the question of connected homes.

Romanians, Belgians, Slovakians, Poles, Spaniards, English, and Moldavians: The 2016 E-talent team is composed of five women and five men from different business lines. Their mission is to identify the best way to develop security products for connected homes in the European countries in which Orange does business.

4 workshops, 4 opportunities to think about security

Select talented, committed, and motivated employees from the countries in which Orange does business meet regularly in a laboratory-like environment to discuss a given theme with the aid of specialists. This year, these workshops were held in Bratislava, in April, in Warsaw, in June, and in Madrid, in July.

Meeting this coming September

Our 10 talented employees discussed the issue of the security of connected homes, along with Group leaders and experts, external participants, start-up founders, and professional coaches. As always, the meetings were held under the benevolent gaze of the sponsors of the series: Stefan Büschi, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Europe, and Pavol Lancaric, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Slovakia. The results of the work of our talented European employees will be presented to the European directors this coming September.

Their project is part of our initiative to deploy solutions linked to the Internet of Things. In 2018, we'll have revenues of more than EUR 1 billion in our new business lines: connected objects and mobile financial services.