European Wellness Challenge: Orange takes up the gauntlet

30 Oct 2018
european wellness challenge

The European Wellness Challenge is a health initiative of our Europe division, in partnership with Virgin Pulse*. It aims to improve employees’ overall fitness and strengthen their team spirit. A c

1,540 employees from six Orange countries came together in more than 220 teams and took on the challenge for 100 days – tracking their performance with connected bracelets.Colleagues from all over Europe outdid themselves for 100 days, monitoring their progress with connected bracelets that measured their physical activity. In total, the participants covered more than one million kilometres, or 2,171,093,496 steps. Halfway through the challenge, in July, they had already been around the world 19 times!

“I've been taking the stairs instead of the elevator for 50 days. I even convinced my colleagues to do the same. […] Thanks to this challenge, I realised that it’s important to lead a healthy life...”

Livia Postu, Orange Moldova

“It's a great way to do team activities while having fun.”

Carolina Calderon Garcia, Orange Spain

Challenge met!

It was a success: 82% of participants exceeded 10,000 steps per day, the distance recommended by health professionals. At the end of programme, 73% said they felt less stressed. Healthy habits also help most people focus and feel more productive.

So get ready for the 2019 edition of the European Wellness Challenge!

*Virgin Pulse is a subsidiary of the Virgin Group created by Sir Richard Branson to develop technologies that encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyles.

On the picture, from left to right : Vasile Tihon, Ana Gancearuc, Olga Begun, Daniela Vioară and Elena Varzari from Orange Moldavia