HappyTrainees label: Orange again in the Top 3

23 Oct 2018
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For the 5th year running, Orange was awarded the #HappyTrainees label in the category of French companies with more than 500 students welcomed per year. Orange came in third this year.

This label rewards the quality of the support provided and the content of the work, as part of the overall experience of trainees and sandwich course students welcomed by Orange in France in 2018.

In the HappyTrainees 2018 survey, Orange scored 4.17/5 and was recommended by 91.7% of students. The participation rate was 50.2%.

Five assessment criteria

This year’s rating is based on the opinion of 1,690 students, on the basis of five topics:

  • Professional progress

Making the connection between the subject matter studied at university and the skills developed on the job.

  • Stimulating environment

Benefiting from goodwill and the spirit of collaboration in the workplace, supporting everyone’s onboarding.

  • Management

Building a professional relationship of support with one’s manager.

  • Pride

Feeling part of a community where one can see oneself working in the medium run.

  • Fun / Pleasure

Finding pleasure both in one’s responsibilities and in the relationships built.

In their own words

“Joining the project almost at the beginning. Applying agile methods on a chatbot project. Honing my skills in new technologies. Doing useful work.”

“I am constantly in contact with customers, Orange partners and colleagues throughout France. Moreover, taking the initiative is an essential part of my work, which has allowed me to assert my character and gain self-confidence.”

High participation in the survey

We invited more than 3,500 Orange trainees and sandwich course students to take part in the survey between September 2017 and August 2018: 50.2% actually responded (1,690).

Orange is one of a few companies to systematically survey all its trainees and sandwich course students through the HappyTrainees survey.

The global survey, in which more than 55,000 students and 3,300 companies and organisations participated, also provides a better understanding of young people’s aspirations and motivations for their experience at work*.


The HappyTrainees and Happy Candidates labels  (Orange came in first for the latter in June 2018) are awarded by ChooseMy Company. This French company offers an online assessment platform where applicants, interns, apprentices and employees can rate their employers.

More information on their website.


*HappyTrainess 2018