Moldova: 400 scholarships granted

06 May 2016
Moldavie : 400 bourses

On April, the Orange Foundation in Moldova awarded its 400th scholarship to a lucky student. Introduced in 2011, our emblematic Scholarships for Youth from Boarding Schools programme encourages kids from underprivileged backgrounds to go to university.

Education in Moldova

In Moldova, a country of 4.2 million, higher education is a powerful weapon to fight poverty and unemployment and to foster sustainable growth. The Scholarships for Youth from Boarding Schools programme – run by the Foundation in partnership with the Moldovan Ministries of Education, Labour, Social Protection and Family – helps young people through their university studies. Over the past five years, the Foundation has supported some fifty projects in the fields of education, healthcare, culture and assistance to people in financial distress.

In 2015, 80 young people received a scholarship covering all their daily needs: accommodation, food, books and other school supplies.

Cristina Criclivïi:

“This scholarship is very important for me. My parents don’t earn a lot of money; they can’t pay for my school supplies. I’m a cook. Without this scholarship, I couldn’t have pursued my career objectives.”

Sergiu Postica, the President of the Orange Moldova Foundation:

“The Orange Foundation is a strategic partner in the field of education in Moldova. We have now reached our objective: to offer kids from underprivileged families the possibility of finding work here in Moldova. We are thereby reasserting our strategic purpose: to be always there to connect everyone to their essentials.”

The Orange Foundation

The Orange Foundation is active in countries where we operate, such as Moldova. It supports young people through two major programmes. Find out about the Solidarity Fablabs and the Together for Young People’s Integration programme.