Orange Cyberdefense Academy

30 Jan 2017
Orange Cyberdefense Academy

During the 9th International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), Orange Cyberdefense, the Orange Business Services entity dedicated to corporate security, launched its new Security unit in Lesquin, located in northern France, and announced the creation of the national Orange Cyberdefense Academy. Given the lack of resources and the strong ambitions on the Cybersecurity market, we recruited 180 security specialists on a permanent basis in 2016 and plan to hire 200 more in 2017. We are counting on training and our regional presence to attract talents.

New Orange Cyberdefense unit in northern France

As announced during FIC 2016, we took on the challenge of opening our new site in Lesquin in just one year. Launched on the date of FIC 2017, the unit has a team specialised in computer security for corporate clients nationwide and in surrounding countries (Benelux), a training centre for employees and students from local technical universities and schools, IMT Lille Douai (formerly Télécom Lille) and the University of Valenciennes, as well as the Orange Cyberdefense teams in northern France. The chosen site meets the unique workspace requirements of cybersecurity - a crisis room, sealed and non-shared facilities - and also features dedicated rooms for on-site training. It also allows us to welcome the growing number of staff in the region. 30 people are currently working on the site, and the aim is to double staff numbers by the end of 2017.

30 Thirty permanent contracts should be on offer in 2017 for this new site in Lesquin

Orange Cyberdefense Academy: training open to all, with applicant potential as the key pre-requisite

The Orange Cyberdefense Academy is a collection of operational training courses potentially leading to a permanent contract at Orange Cyberdefense. One of the courses is made up of technical and functional training in fields including information system and network architecture, security management, malicious code analysis and responses, developed in collaboration with and provided by the CNAM school of engineering as an evening course. It offers students the chance to earn a technical diploma or engineering degree in cybersecurity, depending on their educational background.

In response to specific technical requirements, Orange Cyberdefense Academy also offers an internal training programme for employees (professional training) and new recruits, developed by its own experts and/or cybersecurity solution publishers.

Orange Cyberdefense Academy is aimed at both Orange employees and all those interested in information security with at least two years of higher education in networks, IT or science, or with professional experience in IT and who are interested in joining Orange Cyberdefense.

Would you like to join the Orange Cyberdefense Academy?

Please send your CV and cover letter by e-mail to The first session starts in March 2017 for a duration ranging from a few months to one or two years, depending on the course. We would love to hear from you.

Thierry Bonhomme, Deputy CEO of Orange Business Services

“We want to become the European benchmark in this field. With the Orange Cyberdefense Academy and the launch of the Lesquin unit, we have demonstrated our commitment to developing training programmes and attractive centres of expertise to support our recruitment goals by attracting rare and valuable talents. "

Our permanent contract offers in security