Orange Cyberdefense inaugurates its new headquarters at La Défense

05 Oct 2017

Orange has set up its new headquarters for Orange Cyberdefense, the Group’s entity dedicated to corporate cyber-security, at La Défense, Europe’s largest business district, in the Paris area.

This new 6,800m² campus, spread over 12 levels, is home to almost 500 employees since early September.

This new campus will help companies to develop their “immune system” against digital threats and combines the best expertise in anticipating and handling cybersecurity threats.

“The Campus brings together our experts in a single facility to promote collaboration and sharing. It is also ready to welcome future recruits. We were keen to involve the teams during the development of this new working environment that is conducive to their well-being while at the same time complying with cybersecurity requirements,” explains Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense.

Spaces designed to satisfy cybersecurity requirements

Certified HQE (High Environmental Quality), this 6,800m²-building can accommodate up to 600 employees on 12 levels. It meets the working space requirements specific to cybersecurity - crisis room, Computer Emergency Response Team* (CERT) and the Cyber Security Operation Center** (CyberSOC), an epidemiology laboratory, sealed and non-shared rooms, and two training rooms. It combines the hyper-technology necessary for protecting sensitive data and the teams’ desire to interact and work together.


Spaces created jointly with the employees to foster well-being and collaboration

Orange Cyberdefense worked with its employees to co-create the new spaces. They chose their space, their atmospheres and their furniture for each floor. They have 22 confidential workspaces, 11 meeting rooms, 33 meeting cubicles, 30 telephone spaces; all with furniture that “feels like home”.
The choice to share desks was made within the teams. The aim is to foster well-being and friendliness to better work, build and create together.

A vast social area is available with table football, an arcade machine, a video game console and board games to promote exchanges between colleagues and a zen area to relax and have a rest.


A booming sector

Cyberthreats now come in many forms and cybersecurity jobs have never been more desirable, but companies suffer from a lack of properly trained applicants. This is why Orange Cyberdefense has committed itself to operating a constructive and innovative training approach in order to recruit cybersecurity experts.
This is why the entity opened a new Security Centre earlier in 2017 in the north of France and announced the creation of the Orange Cyberdefense Academy at a national level to train future talents. Orange aims to recruit 1,000 cybersecurity specialists by 2020.

* Cyber attack alert and reaction centers.
** Operational security centers.