Orange Egypt Sponsors Enactus Development Projects in Egyptian Universities

12 Aug 2016
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For the 9th year running, Orange Egypt sponsored the 2015/2016 edition of the annual Enactus Egypt competition for development projects in Egyptian universities as a diamond sponsor, highlighting its leading role in sponsoring and supporting CSR projects and innovative and creative new ideas.

35 national and private universities entered this year’s competition and presented the results of their projects to panel of judges on 3-4 July 2016. Fourteen of the judges were from Orange, which also provided 10 volunteers to coordinate the competition spaces.

Enactus Egypt 2015-2016

The top 5

The top five winning projects were from the British University in Egypt, Ismailia University, New Beni Suef University, Sohag University, and Kafr Elsheikh University.

Orange Egypt received 2 awards in recognition of its sponsorship and support of leadership training skills for Enactus 2015.

Sherif Hanna, Orange Egypt Chief People & Compliance Officer, Human Resources & Corporate Support

Sherif Hanna publicly expressed his pleasure with Orange Egypt’s consistent involvement. He stressed that the company is keen on participating and sponsoring this important event, and noted that Egypt has a full generation of future leaders who need assistance, support and guidance from large companies like Orange. He added that, “if we want to make a better world tomorrow, we have to empower young people- whose world it will be – and create the conditions to allow entrepreneurship and creativity to flourish.”

Orange Youth Foundation

Orange Egypt also launched the “Orange Youth Foundation” in 2008 to support education and youth and contribute to the development of Egyptian society by enhancing young people’s skills, which are essential on the job market, in order to open up better job opportunities for them.

The foundation aims to provide job opportunities for university graduates through summer training programmes in fields that correspond to their studies. The foundation also provides educational activities focused on serving the community by offering financial support to a number of Egyptian universities.

The foundation also seeks to increase the number of young people who have the basic skills for private sector employment, and presents awards to academically distinguished students to encourage them to keep up their efforts. It also supports the research activities of Egyptian universities in fields such as communications.

The Orange Youth Foundation website