Orange at the cutting edge of AI

02 Mar 2018
Image robot ai

At Orange, we are convinced that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that puts technology at the service of people.
With proper control of its use, it helps transform our customers’ lives, bringing meaningful benefits.

This is why we have been investing in research in this area for more than a decade.
Our expertise is already recognised in several areas of AI, such as facial recognition and analysis algorithms, in which our Orange Labs researchers ranked first in global competitions.

For Orange’s own purposes, Artificial Intelligence is an evolution of IT that can considerably improve operational efficiency in almost all our lines of work:

  • networks: optimization of dimensioning and of the use of physical resources
  • IT: user problem resolution
  • customer care: predictive models of services
  • marketing: analysis of social networks, etc.
  • support functions: management of reporting, accounting

AI is also a great opportunity for Orange to offer new services that create more value for our customers and to accelerate our development in related lines of business. For example:

  • the smart home: at the Show Hello in April 2017, we presented our smart multi-service assistant Djingo, which can be controlled by voice or text.
  • the Internet of Things: AI helps us develop semantic technology to discover and use connected devices
  • Cybersecurity: we develop machine learning solutions to uncover and identify suspicious behaviour in IT processes that could involve fraud or cyberattacks.

Finally, thanks to AI, Orange also wants to improve the customer experience by developing, for example, chatbots and digital assistants, in both the B2B and B2C segments.

To support the development of AI solutions at Orange and strengthen our know-how in specific lines of work, we are opening a Skill Centre.


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