Plazza : the social network

15 Oct 2018

Since 2010, Plazza has been here to help you exchange more and to strengthen the link between all the women and men of Orange.

Our social network simplifies our working processes and enables a faster answer to the needs of our partners and clients. Plazza is constantly striving for innovation to deliver more and more services facilitating our daily tasks, such as Plazza Map, Hand Up or the new Twitter tile.

A place for international and transverse exchanges, Plazza also allows for the sharing of new ideas: to “like”, to comment; to recommend content, places and colleagues - and, of course, to share our passions and what drives us. And these actions are performed in a fully secured environment, certified this year by the ISO27001 norm.

Plazza new figures 2018

Plazza is based upon five essentials:

An inherent part of the Essentials2020 strategy, a cornerstone of the digital transformation programme “Orange, the digital and caring employer”, Plazza is based upon five essentials:

  1. Worldwide - accessible to all Orange group employees around the World.
  2. Device Agnostic - available on all devices: smartphones, tablets and computers.
  3. Smart working - “user” and human-centred to serve business purposes on both a social and collaborative basis.
  4. Open - an open ecosystem, developing API business logic.
  5. OBS Inside- “powered by OBS”: Cloud hosting, secure access, advice and support,device management.