The Startup School: Orange Moldova's next generation of entrepreneurs

04 Jul 2018
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How do you encourage students who dream of creating a business? With a Startup School like the one Orange Moldova launched to detect talent and give them much-needed support. It’s the country’s first entrepreneurial education programme – and it has just rewarded its first winners.

220 students from all over Moldova signed up for the Startup School’s selection tests, organised in January by Orange Moldova in partnership with the Dreamups Innovation Campus business accelerator.

13 weeks to learn to be an entrepreneur

After the tests, based on qualities such as creativity, team spirit, perseverance and problem simplification, 70 of them were selected for the Startup School’s first class. The curriculum? 13 weeks of training focused on the issues faced by all business creators: turning an idea into a business model, defining a budget, prototyping, testing, etc.

Investing in young people's education

Orange Moldova’s Startup School is the country’s first entrepreneurial education programme. Its teaching staff is made up of 15 mentors recognised for their entrepreneurial skills. Alongside the training programme, each student developed – from idea to implementation – his/her start-up, preparing for the finals and the presentation to the jury.

In the end, nine of them were rewarded by Orange Moldova for the innovative nature of their projects, the quality of their presentations and the progress made during training.

“Creativity, agility and the spirit of initiative are the qualities an employer expects from a potential recruit. As a technology pioneer and innovator, Orange wants to contribute to the development of these skills among young Moldovans,” commented Julien Ducarroz, Orange Moldova’s CEO.

Our collective ambition is to innovate for everyone’s benefit. This innovation with a human face requires openness, which is why we are rolling out many initiatives to support start-ups.