Orange Graduate Programme

Applications are closed now! See you in December for the next season.

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Orange Graduate Programme

Why choose the Orange Graduate Programme?

If you are passionate about making our customers live an unique customer experience, then the Orange Graduate programme is for you.

Our programme is selective and demanding, offering a work experience at the heart of the digital world.

The Orange Graduate Programme gives you as well the opportunity of a fast-track career development in order to rapidly take on management responsibilities in a highly international environment.

How do you build your career of excellence?

Orange will provide you with a learning experience including two positions over three years, with substantial exposure to such emerging lines of work as big data, mobile banking, security, cloud and many more.

  • everything starts with the customer, from year one.
  • in the second year you will be able to choose an activity and develop your expertise in one of the following areas: networks and IT, marketing, innovation, customer care, BtoB services etc.
  • in the third year, we will help you to find out what next step you would like to take within our Group.

Examples of job positions

1st experience

  • Customer project manager
  • Network engineer
  • Big Data project manager
  • Sales engineer
  • Store manager
  • Fiber optics project manager


2nd experience

  • Account Manager
  • Financial controller
  • Business Developer
  • Orange Money project manager
  • Strategy and Market analyst
  • Connected Objects Manager

To help you to be a player of your professional development

A three years individualised and structured development scheme :

  • an annual interview with your talent manager
  • a high level sponsorship and a mentor
  • digital professional development tools

A collective approach to allow you a better integration within our Group :

  • Orange Graduate Programme community on our internal social network (Plazza)
  • development workshops (integration and outlook)
  • training courses at Orange Campus dedicated to our managers worldwide
  • events involving graduates from all levels of the programm
  • a Think Tank sponsored by a member of the Executive Committee

Many people will help you to make your time in our divisions a success : your managers, talent managers, human resources managers and many more

After you will have completed the Programme, we’ll of course stay in touch through:

  • assessments and reviews
  • activities of the Orange Graduates network

One question?

Want to know more about the program? Don't hesitate to send us an email, our Orange Graduate team will answer you with pleasure.