a few sample questions

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a few sample questions

Some questions come up very often, so you should prepare them well before the interview and learn your answers.

Therefore, when the questions are asked, you will feel less stressed:

  • "Tell your story": tell your story in 5 minutes, do not repeat your CV and focus on your experience most closely linked to the position in question, backed up with factual information (give figures, examples). In your explanation, go from the more general to the more detailed (the company, then your service, your aims, your achievements and finally what you got out of them).

  • "What are your weaknesses?": identify 3 areas for improvement, in the workplace, which are real, and say what you do to improve them. Avoid clichéd responses (e.g. Perfectionist) and be sincere in your choice of areas for improvement.

  • "What do you know about this position?”What interests you about this position?”: analyse the job advertisement thoroughly before the interview, search the internet for terms you do not understand to limit the risk of not understanding the position.

  • "What is the biggest problem you have overcome? “What is your proudest moment?”, “What motivates you to go to work?”: these are questions to get to know you better, to understand how you work. There are no good or bad answers. A bad answer is to remain silent and not know what to say.

  • "Why should we pick you ?": the interviewer does not expect you to say bad things about the other candidates, but to emphasise your qualities and skills and to underline what makes you different from the other candidates (without direct comparison). Sometimes asked at the end, this question also allows you to summarise what you have been able to say during the interview.

  • "What are your salary expectations ?": find out about the possible salary level in your sector prior to the interview, in line with your profile (qualifications, experience, skills) and give the interviewer a range in thousands of Euros gross (e.g. between 27 and 32K, so 27,000 and 32,000 gross annual)