Yann-Erik, sales representative for businesses

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I provide Orange mobile solutions (devices and packages) to medium to large SMEs from a wide range of sectors (banks, insurers, cooperative trusts, etc.). I support them in dealing with everyday issues, but also with more structural and strategic elements such as customer relations or "classic” telephone solutions.

I enjoy the multifaceted nature of this role, which places cutting edge technologies at its heart. Being responsive to customer requests is key. It is vital to properly understand customer needs to respond to them effectively.

I know that Orange provides real opportunities for career development. For my part, I would like to keep working in sales, supporting major businesses.

sales representative for businesses

In a sales agency, you are responsible for growing the turnover of the customers in your portfolio. Your actions must be guided by the aim of satisfying your customers and retaining their loyalty. You must detect and process all the projects in you offers perimeter and forward projects outside your perimeter to other sales representatives.

your responsibilities

You define the plan of action for your portfolio, its implementation and assessment.

You identify customer needs based on their key processes:customer relationships, suppliers, market, internal business flows, within their specific environments. You must also review prospective customers to detect high value projects.

You manage simple or standard offers autonomously, from assessment to submitting an offer and signing the contract. You process complex deals with the support of other sales representatives or the sales support team.

You lead and coordinate a sales team and work in internal project mode or with partners.

your background (M/F)

You are a graduate with a master level degree from a business school with a focus on new technologies or an engineering school with a focus on sales.