Orange Campus

Orange Campus Madrid

Three types of courses are being deployed in 25 countries: essential career path programmes to support managers taking on new responsibilities; group challenges to mobilise and develop a team; individual development modules for the personal development of managers.

developping skills

Orange Campus, together with the various countries, has designed a set of programs intended for the 20,000 managers of Orange to develop their skills and share a common managerial culture.

exchanging ideas

Orange Campus--a place for exchanging ideas and training, dedicated to the Group's 20,000 managers--has developed a unique paedagocial spirit and style known as ‘the Orange way of training'. It is based on various educational formats, such as workshops, debates, world cafés, conferences, artistic exercises, etc. These various courses help participants to create the link with their everyday work and put what they have learned into practice. In order to develop and encourage cooperation, the Orange Campus approach makes use of exercises that reward the group rather than the individual.

international reach

Working in groups encourages individuals to share their managerial practices and strengthens the cooperation between managers. The activities run by the Orange Campus focus on interactivity and sharing experiences based on the diverse backgrounds of those taking part. There are four sites available to managers, in Paris, Madrid, Serock (Poland) and Dakar.