LinkedIn / Viadeo

LinkedIn Viadeo 2

One of the key factors in e-reputation is building an attractive profile on a professional social network like LinkedIn and Viadeo. This profile is your professional ID card, your online CV, but it's more than that: it will also allow you to get into a dialogue on these professional social networks, to demonstrate your expertise and to enrich it thanks to others' knowledge. Your profile should:

  • be illustrated with a professional photo;
  • be completed as fully as possible without copying and pasting your CV. E.g.: to illustrate your work, present your achievements (use the Projects section on LinkedIn), add links to posts or videos, and discretely promote the added value you bring to your company;
  • be fun to read and make people want to read on, while also reflecting your career and real contributions. Over-promising is dangerous, and people who know you might be disappointed by your slightly excessive emphasis on selling yourself;
  • promote co-construction by requesting recommendations from your contacts.

Once your profile is complete, grow your network by:

  • identifying people in your field with whom you can discuss work-related topics;
  • taking part in expert groups in your field: by sharing articles you find on the web you will become more visible and find new targeted contacts.