Online CV


If you don't want to take the plunge into online personal branding, it might still be worthwhile having your CV online. Unless you have very sought-after experience, it's unlikely you will be contacted for a job, but having your CV online can allow you to apply for a job that interests you very quickly. By updating it regularly, you will avoid the ordeal of putting your CV together from scratch.

LinkedIn / Viadeo

If your LinkedIn or Viadeo profile is filled in properly, it can serve as a CV because it will provide recruiters with all the information they need:

  • you can either export your profile as a PDF: you will thus have a conventional "paper" CV
  • or you can apply online directly using your LinkedIn or Viadeo profile on an increasing number of websites

On orange.jobs, for example, you can apply with your LinkedIn profile or your orange.jobs profile. The CV is populated automatically using the fields you have filled in (experience, training, contact details, etc.).

Online CV sites

A very attractive alternative to professional social networks is to design your CV online. You don't get the social aspect of LinkedIn or Viadeo, but you have more control over the formatting of your content. The following sites are very useful because they make it easy to build your CV, export it (Word or PDF) and share it using a URL: