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Some business communities have a strong presence on Twitter, so it could be a very useful platform for keeping up with news in your field, raising your profile and sharing your views. For example: there are lots of active Human Resources and start-up professionals on Twitter. As you browse, you will see whether you find any of your peers and whether it might be worthwhile spending time on it. As the strength of Twitter is its real-time aspect, you have to be among the first to share an interesting news story, so that your message is retweeted. Some Twitter accounts have become leading lights in their field and have achieved "influencer" status.

Be effective on Twitter

  • Your bio:
    • Twitter bios are short, so present yourself in a pithy way;
    • start by introducing yourself, without being too formal: be 2.0;
    • indicate the topics you tweet about (by using hashtags. E.g. #development #java #html).
    • also say somewhere in your bio which company you work for: that way you can tweet content singing the praises of your company's services without opening yourself up to criticism for promoting it. Say whether your account is personal for professional purposes, or if you actually tweet for your company. Always show your credentials on social networks!
  • Username and account name: opt for your real identity. It's hard to enhance your image using a pseudonym (however some social media stars are known by pseudonyms)
  • Profile photos: a professional photo of you. You might want to add a touch of originality (black and white, collage, etc.) but be careful not to be too offbeat. Instead use the header (your profile's cover photo) to express your creativity or highlight your passions, if you really want to show your life is about more than just work.
  • Your tweets:
    • photos are very important because they grab internet users' attention. You can upload one to four photos, which take up 0 of the 140 characters. Favour photos in landscape format (2/1 format)
    • 140 characters aren't many, but you can share links, or even convey your idea as an image (in which you can put text or a key figure)
    • add one or two hashtags, keywords used by the profession
    • mention other accounts in your field with lots of followers, as they might retweet you (a common practice is to type cc @...)