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Orange' commitments as a benchmark employer and the quality of its human resources programmes enhance the Group's appeal and its ability to foster loyalty. Here are a few of the recent marks of recognition Orange has earned worldwide.

Top Employer Global 2017!

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On February 28th, Orange was certified a Top Employer Global 2017. This is the second consecutive year the company has received this commendation, which rewards the best policies and practices in human resources. This year, 30 countries and territories that Orange operates in across five continents, including through B2B entity Orange Business Services, successfully applied for the certificate.

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Top Employer Europe 2017

Top Employer 2016 ceremony

In 2017, Orange renewed its "Top Employer Europe" certification.

Orange in Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Moldova, and Orange Business Services in the UK were all involved in earning certification.

Top Employer Africa 2017

Top Employeur Afrique

In South Africa on October 2016, Cameroon, Guinea-Conakry, Morocco, Jordan and Orange Business Services in South Africa and Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Egypt (Orange and Orange Business Services), Madagascar, Mali and Senegal, which successfully renewed the certification they received last year.

For the first time, Orange is in the Top 3 of Top Employers Africa!

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Top Employer on all the continents

In the Americas and Asia-Pacific, the decisive commitment of Orange Business Services and its teams enabled the Group to be certified again in India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and the United States.

The process

The process entails the HR teams completing a questionnaire and then comparing the responses provided with the country's best practices. The methodology results in a report on the strong points and areas for improvement; the entire process is paid.

Workplace Equality

For the sixth consecutive year, Orange is certified Gender Equality - European Standard (2016). This standard, created under the patronage of the European Commission by the Arborus Foundation, is Europe's highest standard for gender equality in the workplace. It is intended to help create a common European culture of gender equality at work.

Orange was one of the first French companies to be certified. Several Group entities were recognised: the Group as a whole, for its ability to initiate and coordinate policy on a European scale, as well as Orange France, Orange Spain, Mobistar, and Orange Business Services together with its German and Italian subsidiaries for their initiatives in support of gender equality in the workplace.