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Marketing is in charge of listening to, analysing, and anticipating market developments and our customers’ changing needs, expectations, and usages in order to develop product and service offerings that generate value for the business and for its customers.

Marketing is the messenger of the customer’s internal voice. As such, it looks for a way to create an incomparable user experience for the customer’s entire journey and for the lifetime the customer is with the business, in order to maximize this value.


The impact of digital

Moving forward, marketers must integrate the digital technology's impact from the development of their offers to the final experience provided to customers. This will allow them to meet customers’ new behaviours and expectations in both product and services usage and in the methods of communication used.

Our Technocentre concentrates the Group’s marketing product and design expertise.
Its mission is to create, develop, and update innovative value-added "user-centric" products and services in close collaboration with the countries where the Group is present.

The Marketing and Customer Knowledge area improves and structures marketing offers with countries by integrating Essentials2020, by understanding and anticipating market developments, by understanding customers’ uses and insights, and by developing marketing expertise.

Cristina, design lead at "design and user experience"

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Within the teams, there is a strong international dimension. You will be responsible for developing innovative offers for the general public and businesses.

You will develop offers which create value for the Group and integrate the digital dimension. The definition of these offers draws on your studies, which will analyse customer behaviour using high-quality information about our customers and the rapidly changing environment. You will invent a new generation of digital and telecom services all while investing in new sectors adjacent to our primary activity: health, online advertising, big data, mobile financial services, content partnerships, etc.

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