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Reinventing the customer relationship

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Customers pay close attention to the deals and services we offer them – and they are more and more demanding. Orange’s promise is to anticipate their expectations and provide simple, personalised responses. It’s a new way of viewing the customer relationship.

Highly attentive customers

Our customers are increasingly connected: they spend on average 2 hours and 27 minutes every day on their smartphones and check it more than 150 times, on top of their other daily activities involving screens. The need for anytime/anywhere connectivity has become almost vital. These hyper-connected customers also pay more and more attention to the smoothness of their network access (fixed-line, fiber, 3G, 4G, 4G+, etc.) and to the speed and quality of their operator’s services. They are very appreciative when their requests are followed up on an individual basis and lead to personalised responses and solutions.
The customer relationship has become a key factor to attract and keep customers

Our lever to succeed

The customer relationship is built on every little interaction between Orange and the customer, both in person and online. This is where we earn trust and build goodwill. Reinventing the customer relationship means becoming more accessible and especially more efficient when dealing with our customers. A redesigned customer journey, with fewer intermediaries, simpler offerings, and special attention given to every important moment of interaction – the welcome, choice of a product, handling of devices, malfunctions – all help improve the customer experience. Physical and digital points of contact must contribute to a single consistent, well-adapted and agile customer relationship.
Big data will enable us to know our customers better and offer them services that match their needs and expectations more closely – with complete respect for their privacy.
The in-shop experience must become unmatched, by demonstrating to our customers that we recognise them, listen to them and provide them with the best service each time we meet, in the spirit of mutual trust