#hellopolys: have you got what it takes to rule the world of telecoms?

Try your hand at building your own telecommunications empire with Hellopolys, the new social network-based game from Orange.

Starting out ‘in the sticks' where the only means of sending messages from A to B is by carrier pigeon, it's up to you to build everything the town's citizens need to keep in touch. And we're not talking two plastic cups and a piece of string! Get a feel for the industry as you rise to the challenge of providing your cherished customers with either mobile (2G, 3G, 4G) or fixed (ADSL, fibre) services... Or both! Can you do it? It's not as easy as it looks!

How does it work ?

There are 3 aims of the game:

  • provide the highest level of customer satisfaction you possibly can
  • acquire as much land as possible
  • offer the widest coverage possible

This might sound straightforward enough for a virtual game, but you'll soon learn that some things are beyond your control. What happens should a natural disaster strike? Or your network breaks down and a herd of marathon runners prevent you from accessing your pylons for repair? Will you be able to react in time before your customers get fed up and go elsewhere? With just a measly bonus to get you started - simulating the hardship any budding entrepreneur must face! - you will (hopefully!) reap the rewards of your success, giving you the means to invest in more high-tech infrastructure and, who knows, even become the virtual equivalent of Orange!

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so far

  • 10 000 video views
  • 8 000 players
  • 7 200 current games
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