training and career development

developing our skills

One of Orange's stated commitments in our Orange people charter is to help our employees around the world to develop their skills in order to offer a diverse range of career paths throughout the digital world.

diversity of our training programmes

Our range of training programmes is being continually developed so that our people in all areas can benefit from support in their career development:

  • business-line training with 37 schools around the world
  • managerial training with 4 Orange Campuses in Paris, Warsaw, Madrid and Dakar
  • cross-business training in various fields such as languages, office software, project management, corporate social responsibility and inter-cultural awareness.

varied and motivating career paths

Our Group invests extensively in career development support throughout the world.
In France, a one-stop scheme has been developed to give all employees a clear view of their professional development possibilities and the training available to support them in their career paths. Long sandwich courses are available to help employees change jobs or acquire new skills, if they wish. Orange is also developing an active certification policy for all its people worldwide. These certification programmes are implemented in partnership with leading schools, universities and training organisations.

anticipating tomorrow's needs

Orange anticipates the skills that the Group will need in the future and offers training to support this skill development. Orange also develops innovative, remote training methods such as e-learning, serious games, mobile learning or COOC, as well as virtual classrooms.

key figures

  • 34 hours a year of training per employee around the world
  • 6% of the payroll devoted to training in France
  • 126,000 employees trained in 2016

COOC : Corporate Online Open Courses