Compensation and benefits

Within the Orange Group, compensation aims to enhance the efforts of each and all, fostering a culture of progress.

The compensation policy of the Group is based on the recognition of:

  • the contribution of women and men in business success, both individually and collectively,
  • skills and professional development.

It aims to reconcile, in a competitive environment, the development of our services and a fair distribution of the value created in the spirit of our people charter.

A comprehensive, fair and balanced package

It includes several components in a comprehensive, fair and balanced package:

  • base salary consistent with market practices, which pays the competencies and responsibilities exercised,
  • competitive variables (managers and sales), which recognize the results and performance of employees, collectively or individually,
  • the Group encourages local initiatives to develop:
    • devices sharing the value created, to recognize the collective contribution of employees to the success of the company,
    • benefits that recognize belonging to the company and the Group by promoting work-life balance;
      these benefits, which may involve a wide range of areas such as health, retirement pensions, savings, discounts on Orange products and services .. . vary from one group company to another in consistency with local market practices.

Furthermore the Group promotes, wherever it operates, gender equality in terms of salary.