workplace equality

A strategic challenge

Our commitments, by Stéphane Richard, Orange CEO.

at the heart of our business strategy

At Orange, workplace equality between women and men is at the heart of our business strategy, because it promotes social cohesion and improves our performance.
Throughout the world, we are committed to achieving equal pay, ensuring equal representation of women and men in all lines of business, providing a good work-life balance for all and helping more women access managerial positions.

The Group has been pursuing an ambitious workplace gender equality policy across all the countries in which it is active. This policy is focused on four key areas:

  • equal pay, by working to eliminate any ongoing gaps
  • equal representation of women and men in all lines of business, particularly in more technical roles, where women are still poorly represented
  • improving female representation in leadership positions, by identifying and supporting talented women throughout their careers
  • work-life balance, primarily by supporting parents and addressing the way in which work is organised (Working Parents' Charter; company-level agreements on work-life balance, remote working and workplace gender equality).

Orange: 1st Group to be certified for Gender Equality and Diversity

Orange has successfully renewed its GEEIS (Gender Equality for European and International Standard) certification in France and for the Group.
The standard evaluates a company’s commitment and initiatives in the field of workplace equality between women and men.

In 2017, the Group also obtained an extension of the label to include Diversity, thanks to successful audits for the Group, in France, Poland and Romania, becoming the first major company among the founding members of the label to receive the GEEIS Diversity certification.