24 hours with Emmanuel, Data Engineer

Hello, my name is Emmanuel and I am a data engineer. I develop applications with a focus on data processing. My current project should help service technicians improve the quality of fiber installation through the use of AI.


I get to the Orange Village site. It's being renovated. I have seen some of the refurbished areas. They're colorful and design-forward, I can't wait for early June to get in there.


I fill up my water bottle and I start my day by checking the supervision emails. Did the processing I'm working on go well last night? I launch some queries to check this out.


A data engineer colleague asks me to help them use the Locust tool. It is a Python load testing library.


It is time for the daily meeting about the augmented call-outs project. We share what we worked on yesterday and we divide up the daily tasks. We're a small team of seven people. As we aren't all on the same site, we use Teams for our meeting.


I lead a workshop on a project with my product owner colleague. We have prepared real-life cases with photos of telecom equipment to understand the faults to detect. The "call-out technician" business expert helps us to understand the situations.


I have lunch quickly today because it's a special day…


…once a week, I join the Orange strategy and board games association called "Petits jeux entre amis" (Games with friends). There can be up to 15 of us and we play in groups of 5. At the moment, I love Turing Machine, a deduction game.


Back to work, I do some research to keep up to date with the latest Python developments and especially what is coming in the new version, Python 3.12. Python is a language I really like. It is clear and direct, with a great ecosystem of libraries, very rich. It is the default language of most data scientists. I can work on their tools easily.


I code functionalities to industrialize a model prepared by a data scientist colleague. My role is to build a solution based on the raw analysis of photos of equipment by using AI.


I have a short tea break with my colleagues. In the office, we are all working on different projects.


I write automated tests to make sure my code will do what I expect it to in all situations.


I prepare the integration of my code so it goes on Google Cloud, the platform that hosts our application.


End of the day! At home, I help my children with their homework, especially my son who's in sixth grade. He needs support. If the homework doesn't take too long, we have planned to review the basics of Python. They really get it. Especially my daughter who's in ninth grade.


It's time for my electric guitar lesson. At the moment, I'm playing "More than a Feeling," a great rock song by Boston, a 70s band.

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