Orange Graduate Programme

Graduate Programme

You have an incredible talent

Graduate Programme

You have an incredible talent

Hundreds of assignments, hundreds of stories, what will yours be ?

Do you want responsibility and change? Freedom and team spirit? Orange has what you need! [...] Orange's diversity and breadth enable us to consider each customer as an individual... Just like you! If you see big, think big!


  • You are finishing a 2-year Master's degree
  • You don't yet know exactly what you want to do in life...
  • ... but you've got potential;
  • You're up for a challenge;
  • You're a fast learner;
  • You like to push the boundaries;
  • Managing complex situations doesn't scare you;
  • You're dreaming of an international experience;
  • You want to make big things happen.


Class of 2010

Etienne is 34 years old. He left the programme 9 years ago. He has just taken up the helm of the Cloud entity in France. Joining the Graduate Programme means being able to reach this job level very quickly.

Etienne is the Orange Cloud for Business France director

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class of 2018

The Orange Graduate Programme is a selective programme aimed at people who don't know exactly what they want to do.

Over the course of three years, you discover three different experiences, in different countries, one experience in a start-up, work for a charitable organization, discovering different business units and job lines.

In a little time, you learn a lot, you meet people from a great variety of backgrounds. At the end of the day, you'll discover Orange, of course, but you'll also discover yourself.

mobile deployment project lead




happy few selected


work internationally


Class of 2018

I wanted to drastically change environment and activities. And with Orange Graduate, there was a real possibility to do so. After my role in HR communications, I worked for 3 months in a start-up in a sales role. It really developed my thinking and enabled me to see clearly on a daily basis and in my work.

Gabrielle is a customer service performance manager and team manager

Find yourself

  • Define your own style of leadership
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Improve your public speaking and posture
  • Be unbeatable when it comes to working collaboratively
  • Develop your active listening skills
  • Integrate innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking, Agility, and change management.
  • The bootcamp programme is tailored to your needs and desires - it changes from year to year to better adapt to you.

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Since 2014 Orange is certified GEEIS (Gender Equality for European and International Standard)