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  • Network, service platforms, services and uses...
  • You want to offer your support;
  • You are interested in working in high-added value applied research;
  • You can quickly produce study results;
  • You are "solutions" oriented;
  • Taking risks doesn't scare you;
  • Publishing articles and filing patents is a source of motivation.


Orange Labs

At Orange there is a real tradition of research, we produce more than one patent per day.
There is also a close link between research and specific problems [...] which allows us to put a scientific problem at the heart of industrial and human reality.

Nicolas is director Orange Labs research


patents filed in 2019

Key innovator

by the European Commission's Innovation Radar


researchers including 135 doctoral and postdoctoral students

7 sites across France

Join one of our Orange Labs in France: Châtillon, Cesson-Sévigné, Lannion, Grenoble, Caen, Belfort and Sophia Antipolis.


ex postdoc

I completed my doctoral thesis on telecommunications, on 5G, so Orange was an obvious choice. My supervisor helped me to work out Orange's identity and I had a very diverse exchange of experiences. I also had access to courses on the Orange Learning platform, particularly training on artificial intelligence. Continuing to learn is important.

big data and AI research engineer, former postdoc

A springboard for your career

You will collaborate with development teams on the new products and services of an international operator. You will work in collaboration with various public establishments, major international programmes, business research centres, SMEs and start-ups. 

Orange Group


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Since 2014 Orange is certified GEEIS (Gender Equality for European and International Standard)