24 hours with Jigyasa, Senior Network and Services Planning Manager

Hello, my name is Jigyasa. I'm a Senior Network and Services Planning Manager for Orange Business, based in Gurgaon, India. I've been with Orange for over a decade and have experienced diverse career opportunities during my time. My current job role covers the Network Planning and Design of the Orange Business network in the Asia Pacific region and I also manage the Network Infrastructure Deployment and Optimization Projects for our Backbone.


I wake up and get myself ready for a day at the office. I rely on my early morning energy boost of milk and nuts to get into the right mindset for the day ahead.


I get a call from the office cab driver so jump in to start my commute. The journey is a fantastic opportunity to chat with my colleagues from other departments that I wouldn't necessarily talk to during work hours.


I haven't had time to fit in a walk this morning, so I take the stairs – all the way to the 8th floor! I catch my breath, greet my team, sit down at my desk and check my calendar.


I grab a quick breakfast with my team where we chat about the upcoming day.


Time to get the workday started, with a coffee in hand, of course. I write my to-do list. There are actions to be taken regarding topology optimization in Indonesia, one of the countries I'm taking care of, so that gets written down along with tasks related to my major projects.


I put my head down to do some work on a major ongoing project: a migration project based in Hong Kong. My specific role within this project is to collect details, gather and extract the customer list and analyze the project's overall requirements.


I have a little breather to grab a snack and a big glass of orange juice – it's important to get my vitamins in!


Once my meeting preparation is done, we have a meeting about the migration project. This meeting includes stakeholders, as well as other teams and entities. We discuss different migration scenarios and the pros and cons of each.


I write up the minutes from our meeting so they can be sent out to the stakeholders and work on action items. I also gather any associated documents ready for the next project meeting.


It's lunchtime! Today we've decided to have a team lunch in the CyberHub downstairs, where there are lots of great restaurants. We sit down to enjoy some delicious food paired with good conversation, followed by a quick walk to boost digestion.


Feeling very satisfied, I get back to work. I take a look at another major project, which is a VMI (Vendor Management Internet) project for local Internet service providers. I technically validate some Internet offers to add to the Orange catalog, ready for customers to pick.


A new team member has recently been allocated to work on the project with me, so I take some time to review his work and give him some guidance.


I like to reserve a bit of time to check on some of the smaller projects I have going on – organization is key! But first, I need to increase my energy levels so I grab a coffee and cookies to keep me going.


The workday is over, it's time to catch the office cab. I'm out a little early so I manage to nab the best seat and settle in for the journey home.


Once at home, I like to water my plants and relax, before going on an evening walk with my headphones in. It's still light enough outside, so I manage to squeeze in a game of badminton at the park.


I have dinner with my family and watch the news, feeling sufficiently relaxed and ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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