24 hours with Kumkum, Process Manager

Hello, I'm Kumkum, I'm a Process Manager based in Gurgaon, India. I'm currently working from home so my day looks slightly different than it might if I was in the office. As a Process Manager, my favorite aspect of the role is getting to interact and coordinate with other teams globally.


I wake up and do breathing exercises for 10 minutes to help me get into the right mindset for the day ahead. I get ready for work, cook breakfast for my family and make sure my daughter is ready to go to school.


I begin my workday by checking my emails and answering any messages I might have received on Microsoft Teams relating to current projects I'm working on. We have recently kickstarted an agile project where my team and I are automating a dashboard in the Power BI tool, something which used to be done manually in Excel.


I do a little more planning for the automation project, ahead of our meeting this afternoon. We are carrying out the project on Scrum, where I'm acting as Scrum Master.


I take a quick 15 minute break to make myself some breakfast – paratha stuffed with vegetables. Simple but delicious!


I like to get all my important tasks out of the way in the morning, so I dive in and get started on some document preparation.


I often work on multiple projects at once, so I take some time to work on a project I'm managing, which involves preparing an operation support model. All the operational teams will be supporting the service once the customer is on board.


Time for lunch! Since I'm working from home, I can cook in my own kitchen, so I prepare a lentil curry to have with rice and roti.


My daughter is back from school, so I walk to the bus stop nearby to pick her up. She's hungry so we eat and spend some time together before I get back to work.


Once my daughter is settled and distracted by a video, I sit down for my first meeting of the day. This first meeting is with stakeholders from a different division, members from other PTI (Performance, Transformation and IT) units and the development team, and will cover further planning for the automation project I was working on this morning.


It's now time for our daily stand-up, where we get together as an entire team to update each other on our current progress.


The rest of my afternoon will be filled with meetings, so once the stand-up is over it's time for an internal meeting with my direct manager.


The day is wrapping up so onto my last task! I have to deliver a refresher training session to the colleagues from the OINIS and CSO departments on the Incident Management Best Practices.


It's time to shut off my computer, end the workday and spend some time with my daughter, who has been very well-behaved while I finished work. She absolutely loves to draw and color, so we get straight into a drawing competition, which she insists we do every day.


My daughter finishes up her homework and we head to the park for some fresh air, before spending some time together as a family: eating, winding down and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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