24 hours with Loredana, Data Analyst

Hello, I'm Loredana. I'm currently a Data Analyst as part of the Orange Graduate Program in Mougins. My work revolves around all things data: understanding it, extracting it, analyzing it, visualizing it…the list goes on!


I wake up and do 30 minutes of Pilates – I've noticed people are much sportier here than in Romania, something that definitely keeps me motivated, or maybe it's just peer pressure…


At the office, I start sifting through my emails while sipping a latte, then create a to-do list to map out my day.


Time for the daily agile catch-up with team. We discuss where we're up to, what we plan to do today, and tackle any issues.


As soon as our catch-up is over, it's time to dive into my tasks. To really get in the zone, I like to listen to lo-fi music. First, I'm continuing work on a Python script to automate data retrieval.


Once a week, I have a French class, where we focus on conversation and vocabulary enrichment. It's my 2022 New Years' resolution to communicate in French at work, so this is great for keeping my confidence up.


I feel very lucky to live on the French riviera, so my break consists of sitting out on the terrace enjoying a leisurely lunch with colleagues, soaking up the sun, taking in the view…you get the picture!


Back to work. I get stuck on my Python script so call my colleague Nicolas to lend me a hand. By half 3, we're all done so I can start thinking about creating a dashboard to visualize the data.


I'm part of the Orange Graduate Program, so I have a call with management regarding start-up opportunities, which offers me a next step in my career path.


I start work on a SQL script that will be used to extract the data I need for my dashboard. Once this is done, I get started on the visualizations. I love this part of my work; it gives me the chance to get creative.


I always like to dedicate part of my day to learning new technologies. I'm currently completing a Google Cloud Platform course on Coursera, which will bolster my skillset.


I get ready to leave the office to face, arguably, the most stressful part of my day: parking in a very narrow lot. Wish me luck!


I've parked, crisis averted.
Once at home, I'm going to get stuck into the Romanian Data Tribe's monthly challenge, a community where other like-minded data analysts collaborate to create visualizations based on Romanian themes.


To end the day on relaxing note, me and my boyfriend go for a walk along the beach, then have dinner together.

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