24 hours with Reham, Head of Business Operations and Service Transition

Hello, my name is Reham. I'm Head of Business Operations and Service Transition for the EEMEA Region at Orange Business, based in Cairo, Egypt. I functionally manage a transversal team of 30. A large focus of my work is communication, which just so happens to be my favorite part of the job. Whether it's helping or coaching colleagues, connecting with my team, or seeing a customer wholly satisfied – I love it all.


After I wake up I take a quick look at my calendar and plan my day. I get ready and take my breakfast and coffee to have in the car on the way to work.


I live on the other side of Cairo so it generally takes me about an hour to get to work, depending on the traffic. I like to listen to music in the morning to relax before the start of my workday and take my mind off the traffic jams…


I head straight to the cafeteria to have a Turkish coffee (my favorite) with my colleagues, where we discuss the day ahead before diving straight into work.


I take a bit of time to look over any emails and messages. I manage a lot of functions and get pinged a lot for things that don't necessarily correspond with each other, so it's essential that I stay on top of everything.


Meetings, meetings, meetings. I have a back-to-back morning, so I get right to it. First, a Microsoft Teams call with my direct team.


I'm responsible for business operations and service transition so I work on transversal projects with other teams. This means that I am often very busy but I love helping out other teams, so I work on drafting new ideas during my next meeting.


My next meeting concerns a project I've recently been working on called REBOOT. *

The project centers around the power of communication and we've managed to reduce miscommunication in just 4 months! In today's retrospective meeting, which happens monthly, we'll be looking at any communication gaps and getting rid of any low-level creation and collaboration.


My energy starts to slow and I know exactly what will fix it – lunch with my colleagues followed by lots of chocolate! Admittedly, this has made me the chocolate supplier around the office, so my team knows where to go when they need a sugar fix.


Lunch is over and I feel rejuvenated. Human contact is so important and I love being able to connect and chat with my colleagues in person. I now turn my attention to my to-do list and plan out the rest of my afternoon.


I have a quick weekly stand-up with my team to check in and discuss any updates or issues.


Coaching is a passion of mine, so I keep track of any support that I could be giving to anyone on my team. I see if there is anything that I can be helping out with behind the scenes.


It's 4 o'clock, which calls for a doughnut break! I pop out to get the goods which is a nice, and well-deserved, distraction.


I continue working through my to-do list, tackling the admin tasks that are inevitable when you're in a managerial role. Today, I turn my attention to potential training plans and career paths that would be best suited to different colleagues.


I start to think about what to have for dinner and settle in for a restful evening, ready to do it all again tomorrow. 


My workday is done. I prefer to let the traffic subside before going home to avoid rush hour. I live in a compound, so once I'm home I'll go for an hour's walk to get some fresh air and destress.


I live with my dad and we like to contemplate global issues, which can keep us occupied for hours! I'll have more coffee and chocolate (it runs through my veins at this point) before heading to bed.

*Reboot stands for Robust engagement for Balanced Operations & Optimized transformation – it’s a program aimed at raising the collaboration between the delivery and operations teams. It targets better management for the lead costs, as well as eliminating practices that can negatively impact overall performance.

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