24 hours with Mia, pentester

Hello, My name's Mia. I'm a pentester at Orange Cyberdefense in Oslo. My job is to test the security of websites, applications and information systems, in particular to secure your data.


I get woken up early by my dog, Zelda. I take him out for a walk, but I don't have breakfast because it's soooooooo early.


When I get to work, I chat with the team while drinking coffee.


I plan my day.
Then I start researching the technical problems I had the day before during a hacking test.
I ask for help from one of my colleagues who specializes in mobile phone pentesting.


I identify a major security breach (on passwords) and call my client's IT Manager to inform them and take corrective action.


I start feeling hungry


Our first meeting starts with a major player in the health sector who handles medical information and social security numbers ... basically, sensitive data. Their new website is live and they would like us to do some penetration testing.


As soon as the meeting is over, I write a quick report. I plan everything in detail, in particular the hacking tools I'll be using. I send my proposal to the client. It will take about two weeks to look at how the website is built, find any potential vulnerabilities and then test them.


I suggest going to lunch, but it's too early
I start writing a security report for a client. I have just spent almost six months working on their vulnerability management. That gave us time to get to know each other well.
It will take me about two days to write it up, and then I'll go and present it to them.


Focused on my report, time flies by! Now I'm really hungry... At last! We go to lunch.


I go to a client with two members of my team to present our report to them and answer their questions. For this mission, the big concern was social engineering, which is good, because it's what I specialize in.


Back at the office, I go back to testing an API. I have to keep my documentation up to date! It's tedious but it will save me so much time when writing my report and for future missions.


I go home and immediately take Zelda out for a good walk. One question haunts me, and I can't help but do some research online ... pentesting is a passion!

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