24 hours with Samia, sales advisor

24 hours with Samia, sales advisor

Samia, 25, has been working for Orange for 3 years as a store customer advisor in the Paris region.


Each day starts with a brief led by our manager, Claire. With the team, we take stock of the figures from the day before and the day's objectives


When I get to work, I chat with the team while drinking coffee.


We open the store to customers. I greet them with a smile and direct them to the specialist salesperson.


I take care of a customer who wants to change their mobile, we look at their phone use together. He leaves with a new mobile and a plan more suited to his needs.


A customer asks me a very specific question about the connected home, I call on my manager. I listen to the answer, so I learn for next time!


A customer is interested in our mobile banking, I take the time to explain how it works in detail because she is a bit elderly.


I do an e-learning session on our connected devices offer to know how to answer all the questions!


A well-deserved lunch break :)


I'm back at reception, I enjoy the position of guiding people through the store


I receive a professional client who needs a comprehensive internet, landline and mobile package. He has a small hairdressing business. He talks to me about his everyday life, and I recommend the most effective plan.


A colleague asks me a question about the connected home, it's rewarding to know I can answer it now. I really learn something new every day!


We receive a delivery. I take care of storing it in the storage area.


I receive a customer who is dissatisfied because their mobile is no longer making calls. We check it out, it's a bug with their bank. I solve the problem and they leave satisfied.


I leave work a little earlier than usual. I'm in the middle of moving to a new house. Next week, I am moving to Rennes and I found a position as a store advisor there. I am happy with this new life that awaits me, although I am a little sad to leave my team.

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