24 hours with Antoine, Full Stack Developer

Antoine is a developer in Lannion, Brittany, and former scrum master at Nokia where he managed a 5G dev team. Today, he works on the front- and back-end of a website enabling fraud analysts to identify fraud patterns. His work both helps detect and prevent fraud. He is experienced and works in a small team, so he has free reign to put forward vast amounts of ideas and implement them.


After dropping my 9-year-old son, Robin, off at school, I come to the office. I say hello to my colleagues who are already working and sit down. We are 3 developers in the open space, which makes collaboration easier.


I check my emails to plan my day according to priorities and I also answer to some Teams messages. Then I proofread a bit of code pushed on GitLab yesterday by a trainee who is working on one of my projects. I suggest some improvement but I'm quite happy, he's done good work.


I go back to my development story that I began yesterday on the front-end to query the back-end part with python and jQuery scripts. Last afternoon I was stuck on a bug, and I had an idea this morning while I was brushing my teeth.


Coffee break with my colleagues. In the open space we have very varied jobs, and we don't work on the same topics, so we don't usually talk about work.


I finish my development, the problem seems to have been solved and I add a few unit tests, then I push my changes onto GitLab. I'll now be able to test it on the qualification platform which is connected to real equipment.


Today, it's nice weather so I decide to go for a run by the sea. I get a sandwich that I'll eat afterwards.


Back on site, refreshed and ready to continue my day. I prepare a short demo for my meeting at 3 pm to illustrate what I have to release tomorrow. I also inform the application users: as they work 24/7 they will inevitably be affected but we have tried to automate as many things as possible to reduce the downtime.


Synchronization meeting with the different stakeholders on one of my projects. This is a HCI that helps the Fraud Analysts filter fraudulent traffic on international voice by enabling them to configure network elements.


Straight afterwards, I perform a few tests on the lab* and I update a story like we talked about in the meeting.


Then, I make myself a coffee that I drink at my desk while researching a blocking point: someone on the internet must have already found a solution, I'm sure!


I go back to the development tests I did this morning, correct a problem for an unusual case and add a test so that this problem is now covered by CI. Everything seems to work as expected and I open a merge request, putting it for my colleagues to proofread.


The day's over! I go and get my son, and we go home. * the labs enable us to test the use of a software program with users, in a near-real situation. 

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