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Research engineer

We haven't even scratched the surface regarding the potential of artificial intelligence and big data technologies. So this is the best time to be working on these topics. And Orange is really the ideal company to do that.

Maroua is a big data and AI research engineer

2,5 trillions

bytes of data created each day worldwide


years of experience supporting your projects with the Business & Decision subsidiary

Datavenue Market

first IoT Marketplace in Europe dedicated to purchasing objects and their LoRa® connectivity


Research engineer

The data we work on at Orange is known as ‘raw' data. It's an asset as there is no data pre-processing which could bias the studies.

Maroua is a big data and AI research engineer


Research engineer

I am free to choose the problems which I can work on, of course in agreement with the project manager. I can also help other colleagues on projects outside my remit, which helps me continue to learn.

Everyday life is really great. At my site, the environment is very good. There isn't just work, there are other activities alongside work. And so we work really well as a team.

Maroua is a big data and AI research engineer

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