A new cocktail of skills

How about we take a little detour to take a look into the future? We'll discover professions that don't exist yet, as well as new skill combos.

Mister T

In programming, we'll start to rely less and less on people who are specialized in one specific language or technology, and more and more on curious and versatile people. We call them T-shapes: profiles with software backgrounds (the –) who know how to, selectively and quickly, become a specialist in the field (the l).
David, Programmer

Pentesting + AI

Many of the core skills in pentesting will stay the same and it's impossible to predict how the job market will evolve. AI will likely improve to further support current pentesting steps and systems.
Martin, IT Security Consultant

Data + Infrastructure

With the move to the cloud, I believe that new roles will pop up. They will define the line between the roles of data scientists (who currently hold a lot of responsibility) and data analysts. These roles will probably integrate the cloud infrastructure aspect, as well as data skills.
Meera, Cloud Data Scientist

Sustainably designed data

Regarding data use, the role that we are seeing emerging is linked to sustainable design. This is a question of imagining "natively" sober digital services, so to speak. As such, we are seeing Chief Environental Commitment Officer (CECO) roles emerging. In my opinion, it's a matter of breaking out of the silos and integrating varied profiles into the team to better respond to digital sobriety data-related issues.
Karine, Business Data Strategy

Programming + Management control

When it comes to management control, the role of digital tools is of increasing importance. Management control roles are becoming more technical. Looking to the long term, perhaps such roles will find themselves halfway between business and technical expertise ?
Guillemette, Functional Expert in Management Control

CSR + Programming

For me, the main challenge is integrating the environmental aspect with IT programming. On the Internet, for example, many different methods allow us to end up with the same result. However, some are less energy-consuming at a code level. Therefore, the design must integrate the concept of environmental impact to choose the best solution. For example, some languages involve storing data in real-time, whereas others do not. In the same way, with virtual machines, we can size our infrastructures according to real needs to design infrastructures that consume less energy.
Yoan, Apprentice AI Programmer

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