Blackjack, diary of an apprentice


Cybersecurity intern

Hello, I'm Sarah, and in my first life I was a casino dealer.
I went back to school on a work-study programme in cybersecurity. It was during this experience that I had the opportunity to lead a great project which led to me being hired as a cyber analyst. Let me tell you how I dived in at the deep end

12 May 2018


Significant attacks took place via a ransomware called Wannacry.


13 May  

Poker face

During a customer meeting, a sales representative was asked about the Wannacry attacks, “What do you recommend we do?” No answer...


14 May

The idea

Eric, my boss, picked up on this mishap and launched the idea of developing a much more effective crisis information tool.



Cyberattacks will continue to develop. We need to invent a useful app to improve crisis communication!



I went to see Eric and I told him, “I’ve studied development. I’d like to do security
and development, combine them actually.” That’s how I took on the project.

August - November


I’m working on the design and prototyping phase. Every two weeks, I present my work to the boss
to obtain a proof of concept.

March 2019

Gwenole joins the team

He tests various technologies to select the most relevant one.


I draw on my experience as a croupier. It's like blackjack: stay focused, don't let go and get to know who you're dealing with

The technical challenge

Typically, applications communicate through APIs. These are popular targets for hackers. To reduce the attack surface, we had to come up with a different way of doing things.


5 March

Client requirement

The customer surprises us with a technical requirement out of nowhere :-) It's quite complex. We test several approaches, going back to find the right way to do it.


April - June

5-player challenge

The team is growing, which allows us to meet many technical challenges this month. We are starting to develop on the back end and the front end. The definitive architecture is ready.


July – August

Ace of hearts

This is the home stretch because I get hired at the end of my work-study programme in September. We have to get it done... and we did! With Gwenole, who is definitely an asset, we finalise a version that works.

September 2020

The game isn’t over!

We were able to pass on our beloved project to a new team who will be responsible for deploying it. I was really happy to be in charge!

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